Our mission is simple: Promote the development and enjoyment of short stories. We aim to do this by making short stories more accessible to a broad range of audiences. Through the support of our employees, partners, and customers, we work with community organizations to foster the growth and prevalence of short-form media one story at a time. Short Story Book Club is the fuel that helps those projects run.

Founded by creative professionals, Short Story Book Club boasts staff with experience in a variety of fields, who contribute their knowledge of business and expertise in publishing across multiple disciplines.  

Short Story Book Club is located in Baltimore, Maryland, home of the best crab cakes in the world. 

Why Short Stories?

Short-form creative works are the entry point that many artists use for exploration. They have long been regarded as the gateway to long-form media. Yet, short-form media are no less challenging to produce. In fact, short forms can be even more challenging, as there are fewer words, minutes, episodes, or acts in which to convey a compelling story. 

Short media also have another key benefit: They’re easier to consume. People of all ages and abilities rely on short media where full-length works may be impractical. Short media can be found nearly everywhere, and are consumed by people and organizations for a number of purposes. Short stories in particular are used every day by schools, by busy professionals looking for stories to read in a short time, and avid readers who value the variety the genre brings.

As its name suggests, Short Story Book Club focuses on the advancement of short stories. We believe in the entertainment value and utility of short stories and wish to inspire others to create and consume stories in this form.