How It Works

When you sign up for Short Story Book Club, you will receive a novella, a short story collection, or a short story anthology each month. With each delivery, you receive a summary and questions for discussion. Both fiction and narrative nonfiction are included.

Step 1

Choose a subscription.

Step 2

Choose from 3-, 6-, and 12-month delivery options.

Step 3

Receive your short story in the mail, complete with a summary and discussion questions.

Who is the Short Story Book Club right for?

  • * People who love to read short stories.
  • * Avid readers who want to expand their book selections beyond familiar genres or topics. 
  • * Busy students and professionals who want to read books they know they will have time to finish.
  • * Book clubs and single readers who want to read short stories with ready-made questions for thought and discussion.

Start your subscription today!

Order by the 15th to receive your first book as early as next month.